Welcome to Thursday Happy Hour!

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Can We Offer You a Beverage?

thursday happy hour team, photo by Gary Allard

Without really thinking about it, Gary and I started a new family tradition a few years back. We call it Thursday Happy Hour, and it’s something we look forward to each week, regardless of the craziness that’s going on with work, family, or finances.

It’s not just about relaxing with a favorite cocktail — although that’s usually a part of it — it’s about unwinding, catching up on stories, listening to new music, enjoying our surroundings, talking or reading or cooking. Sometimes all of that. Sometimes we invite friends over. Sometimes we go out. We send a cheers even when we’re alone, at a conference or even at our midcentury modern vacation rental in Palm Springs.  But usually, we’re at home.

We like the tradition so much, we want to remember them all, share with friends, and hopefully spread the tradition. Because Gary is a lifestyle photographer and former art director, and I’m a professional writer and web content strategist, putting all these ideas online seemed like a natural.   ThursdayHappyHour.com is our official report.

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