Select Your Whiskey

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Stock up on your favorite whiskeys below, then see how Gary mixes up a great whiskey drink.

BourbonWhiskey in a glass with crystal decanters
Bourbon comes from Bourbon County, Kentucky or Tennessee and is the quintessential American whiskey. Gary’s favorites:

  • Maker’s Mark is great on the rocks
  • Jack Daniels is a well-balanced choice and
  • Corner Creek is a treat.

Scotland’s contribution to civilized drinking is as complex and varied as the terrain it’s made in. Some solid go-tos are:

  • The Glenlivet (a single malt),
  • Johnnie Walker Black (blended) (Gary’s dad’s favorite — Blue Label for extra special)
  • Dewars 12 Year, and
  • Famous Grouse.

Irish whiskey has a dedicated following but is less known in traditional cocktails. Go with:

  • the old standby Jameson (clearly Gary’s brother-in-law’s favorite) or
  • look for something off the beaten path like Red Breast 12 Year or Powers.

Whisky from Canada such as Crown Royal, Canadian Club, or Black Velvet mix well with sodas because of their lighter body and rye flavors. Try it in a Presbyterian: 2 oz. whiskey, 3 oz. ginger ale, 3 oz. soda with ice in a highball glass. Top with a lemon slice.

Real rye whiskey is on the comeback but still mostly only popular with aficionados. Its drier brighter finish makes it a good choice for Manhattans (try it with Wild Turkey 101) where as the sweetness of bourbon can overpower the drink.

On the curious spellings of whisky vs. whiskey: It matters to some. American and Irish, use an “e” the Scots and Canadians drop it.

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