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Two sidecar cocktails on a barReady to Fly!

With two computers glowing, laundry running, suitcases open with outfits spilled all over the living-room, we still took a moment to pause for Sidecars and tunes at happy hour. This time an extra-special toast!  We clinked glasses and pushed the button to invite our Facebook friends to Thursday Happy Hour (you can join our group, too.) Then held our breath that nothing broke.

A sidecar is like a margarita but with limes instead of lemons and brandy instead of tequila (I think I read that in GQ some time – it’s a good description.) It’s sweet and smoky and dense and perfectly memorable. Especially with this iMix G made.

Just for Thanksgiving week, we’re posting a new festive beverage every day! Cheers!

The Inspiration
I was reading about brandy at Tastings: Beverage Tasting Institute and I thought, hmm, haven’t made a Sidecar in a while. It helped make packing less painful. Though once at our destination, I was short one shirt. ~Gary
The Drink : Sidecar

Shake with ice. Strain into cocktail glass. Sip.

Be smart, safe, and healthy. Drink in moderation. Don’t drink and drive. We thank you.

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