Vodka or Gin?

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THH_BasilGimlet Copyright Gary Allard Vodka
Everyone likes it because it tastes like whatever you want. Varieties include:

  • grain (most popular brands like Stolichnya, Belvedere),
  • potato (Chopin, Blue Ice),
  • rice (Kai),
  • grape (Hangar One, Ciroc), and
  • soy (3 Vodka).

We prefer Smirnoff or Skyy since it’s usually being mixed. Try Chopin for sipping in a martini. Or Shelly’s favorite: Hangar One Mandarin, Kaffir Lime or Citron. Mmm. She says “It’s like a Popsicle for grown-ups.”

One of our favorites here at Thursday Happy Hour. It’s a classic that’s used in some of the oldest recipes known. Traditionally from London, it’s now getting some attention from some French and American distilleries. If you think you don’t like gin, but haven’t tried it lately, we suggest picking up one of these brands:

  • Plymouth
  • Sapphire
  • Boodles
  • and Tanqueray Ten.

And make one of our favorite gin drinks.