How to Make Your Happy Hour Happy

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Bar top full of liquor bottles

How to Make Your Happy Hour Extra Happy …

A really fun Thursday Happy Hour has a few basic elements:

  1. good friends,
  2. relaxing atmosphere,
  3. good tunes,
  4. tasty mixed drinks, and
  5. a few snacks.

The good friends are up to you. The rest — well, after hundreds of happy hours, we have some recipes, tips and ideas to share.

Relax the Atmosphere

Go ahead, dim the lights, light some candles, and turn up the music. Make your happy hour guests feel glamorous and welcome. Greet them at the door and show them around. Introduce people right away, and share something they may have in common to get the conversation started. Most of all, be prepared.

  • Nine Bartending Tips to Wow Your Guests — this is all Gary’s wisdom. I had nothing to do with it.
  • Music for Happy Hours — Gary compiled these lounge-y iMixes; good stuff. Buying from here is like giving us tips for good taste.
  • Happy Hour Essentials — from barware and tools to tabletop decorating and lighting ideas, we hand-picked our favorite happy hour props for you at Amazon. Purchasing from our store helps support Thursday Happy Hour.

Stock Your Bar and Fridge

You may not need all of these ingredients for your bar, but one of each can help you make whatever your guests are craving. Be sure to have a “how to make cocktails” recipe book nearby. A little preparation ahead of time can help you not work so hard at your own party.

Know How to Make Popular Cocktail Recipes

Before your guests arrive, have one or two drink suggestions to offer. “Would you like a beer? Glass of wine? Or a cocktail? I can make you a [whatever you know how to make -- margarita, gimlet, martini -- and have the cocktail recipe ingredients ready to go.]”

Have a happy hour tip or idea to share? Let us know!

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  1. Teresa
    November 1, 2011

    OK, there is more. Thursday Nov 3rd is International Stout Day. You were helpful to me previously, so I thought I would try you again.
    I am more of a Lager girl, any suggestions?
    Thanks for a great site!
    Kind regards,


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