Ting and Sting

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The Taste of Sunshine and Seaspray

We admit it; it wasn't hard to convince Gary to do a holiday-themed photo shoot during Thursday Happy Hour — not when the subjects happen to be close friends who live in a ocean-kissed beach bungalow and always serve icy refreshments. The sunshine, unfortunately, was weakened by fog and we had to fake it with strobes and reflectors, but the Jamaican drums and the beverages — TING and Stings (after the shoot was over) — made up for the damp. Thanks, K & S!

If you don't have TING soda at your grocery, you can order TING online, try a different citrus soda, like IZZE's grapefruit, or use Squirt® citrus soda.

The Inspiration

A few years ago, the four of us, anchored at a small island in the Caribbean, went ashore to buy ice. But instead, we found a thatch-roofed bar where expats and locals mingled, sipping on ice-cold Ting and Stings. A nice change from all that rum.

~Gary & Shelly

The Drink
: Ting and Sting

2 oz gin
grapefruit soda

Pour gin over ice. Top off with soda. Think warm thoughts.

Be smart, safe, and healthy. Drink in moderation. Don't drink and drive. We thank you.

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