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Tonight, we're thinking of ways to enjoy a good happy hour on the beach. So we're at the beach. Thinking. And thinking hard. Because in San Diego, it's now against the law to drink alcohol on public beaches. No matter how civilized the drinker. We know. Lame.

So what do we end up doing? Oh, come on, guess. If you need extra clues, follow us on Twitter. Or check out our Facebook fan club. Here are some hints:

  • We're drinking non-alcoholic Vignette Wine Soda Pinot Noir (quite yummy, actually) with our toes in the sand
  • We're floating on a kayak just off shore with a pitcher of Lemon Drops
  • We're hanging out at a fire-pit at a campground above the beach sipping Dark and Stormys
  • We're at our friend's house on the patio overlooking the beach drinking Gimlets Up (limes are 5 for a dollar at Henry's right now)
  • We're at a restaurant lounge just touching the boardwalk with our breath, drinking straight up martinis, extra dirty

Bet you can't guess.

Be smart, safe, and healthy. Drink in moderation. Whatever we're doing tonight, we're not driving. So there's your first clue.

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