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THH_PimmsCup Cocktail Photo by Gary Allard. Copyright 2009. Fresh as a Cucumber

It's been wicked hot (as our Boston friends like to say), and cocktails at home get warm pretty fast. Instead of drinks in martini glasses, we're serving iced drinks on the patio with salt and pepper kettle chips. The cold, heavy crystal glass, the scent of cucumber each time we take a sip, and only 50 proof, PIMM'S Cups are a surprisingly cooling drink. Like air conditioning for your insides.

How do you make your PIMM'S Cups?

We made ours with ginger beer instead of ginger ale or 7-Up (thanks for the inspiration, David!).

The Inspiration – A THH Fan
"Lately, I've been mixing PIMMs No. 1 cups as a refreshing summer drink.
 I make mine with about 6 oz of PIMMs No 1, poured over ice and mixed
with 5 oz of sparkling French lemonade and a splash of ginger beer.
 I squeeze in a little lemon and garnish with a cucumber slice.  It's
the perfect drink for sipping in the sun and low enough alcohol content
to have a few and not have to worry too much about it.  Give it a try!" ~David T.

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PIMM'S Cup Cocktail Recipe

2 oz. PIMM'S #1 (a gin-based British alcohol made with juice, liqueur, and spices)
3-4 oz. ginger beer (or fill glass)
slice of cucumber, peeled
wedge of orange or lemon

Fill tall glass with crushed ice and garnishes. Pour PIMM'S over ice. Top with ginger beer.

What's your favorite cooling summer cocktail? We'd like to know. Email us.

Drink only in moderation. Enjoy your summer cocktails responsibly. Drinking alcohol while hot may make you feel super intoxicated. And sweaty. And forgetfully talkative. Not a good combination for your companions.

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