White Wine Sangria & Honey Moon 2005 Viognier

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Fruit and white wine in a glass pitcher

Celebrations and Libations

When you live in a place with six-month-long winters and 30-below temperatures, every beautiful summer day becomes a celebration.

This past weekend in Minnesota was no exception: With summer festivals at the park, fireworks on a calm clear night, and neighborhood pool parties, a Sunday evening barbecue on the deck with friends was the perfect end to the perfect weekend. The occasion called for a pitcher of something fruity and refreshing—my white wine sangria. (I like my sangria recipes citrusy and sweet, but with a little kick.)

The Juicy Wine Details

Bottle    Honey Moon

Year       2005

Grape    Viognier

Region  California

Price      ~$6.00

Shop     Trader Joe’s

White Sangria Recipe

  • One bottle of Viognier white wine
  • 1 cup Grand Marnier or Cointreau
  • ½ cup simple syrup (pour slowly and adjust to taste)
  • Fruit: fresh chopped peaches,
  • pineapple, white grapes, and mangos or whatever you have on hand
  • Several mint leaves

Combine ingredients. Stir. Pour over ice.
(To make nonalcoholic sangria punch, replace white wine with citrus soda, replace Grand Marnier with orange juice. The rest is the same.)

I chose the 2005 Honey Moon Viognier at Trader Joe’s after watching a woman stockpile dozens of bottles of the stuff in her cart. Viognier has a nice balance of sweetness and acidity, plus the peach and floral notes in the wine complement the added fruit in the sangria. Here’s to long summer days, clear summer nights, and friends who stick with you no matter the weather.


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