Lemon Rickey

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Beach scene with ocean, book and cocktail
A Simple Distraction

Work was all wrapped up and the sun doesn’t set till 7pm, so we had some time. We skeddadled to Doheny Beach with cooler and kayak. The ocean backwash was fierce: the incoming wave crashes into the outgoing pull of the last, causing a collision that claps and sprays straight up, making me think of snapped bones and water in my brain.

But our timing worked and — paddle, paddle, paddle! — we made it to
open ocean and then Dana Point Harbor for a more sheltered cruise. The journey
back to shore was, um … challenging, and earned us a tasty happy hour beverage. With a good book for distraction.

Happy Hour Idea #35: Rickey Bar
Traditional Rickeys are made with lime. Create a Rickey bar at home for your happy hour. Line up items 1-3 with a sticky note below each one showing how much of each item to put into a glass.

  1. Glasses and ice bucket
  2. Spirits and a measuring device
  3. Lime and lemon wedges on ice in bowls for your guests to squeeze
  4. Bottle of soda water and stir sticks

Questions? Ask us on Twitter: @thurshappyhour.

Lemon Rickey Recipe

2 oz gin, white rum, or vodka

1/2 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice1. Fill glass with ice

2. Measure 2 oz of favorite spirit

3. Squeeze two wedges of citrus and toss the peels into the glass

4. Top with soda and stir, top with soda water, garnish with lemon slice.Simple perfection.

To make this drink nonalcoholic (and legal on the beach), replace spirit with tonic.

EPILOGUE: When we pulled ourselves from the ocean, wobbly kneed and thankful, a passing surfer asked us if we saw the 6-foot thresher sharks. Sharks? Oh boy. We pulled off our life jackets and waited till we felt stable enough to get back on the road. Oh, yeah. Don’t drink and drive. Bad form.

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