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THH_Candy Chair Wine Copyright 2009 Gary Allard Sweet Art and Wine

My kids came home with a mountain of candy this Halloween. Fortunately, they are judicious with their stash–and creative, too. They eat a few select pieces and then get to work–sorting first by color, size, and type. Then they start building. Towns complete with furnished houses, pools, and walkways appear on the living room floor. Even lollipops are put to use as the local townsfolk.

Gradually, the town diminishes. First a table, then one of the neighbors. My girls are reluctant to dismantle their work of art, which suits this mom just fine.

But lucky for me–and my sweet tooth–they are also willing to share. And I had the perfect wine to pair it with.

The Juicy Wine Details

Bottle    Blandy's Rainwater
Year       N.V.
Region  Madeira, Portugal
Price     ~$20.00

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A couple bricks (aka mini Snickers bars) became my dessert, made even
more special by a small glass of Rainwater. This was my first
experience with Madeira, an amber-colored fortified wine from
Portugal. It was dryer than I had expected, and smokier, too. I read this wine would be well-suited as an aperitif, sipped before dinner. I don't agree. This caramel-y Madeira is just begging for

In this case, it was milk chocolate, caramel, peanuts, and nougat–an artistic and inspired wine pairing.

Diane Timba
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