Canadian Coffee

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Warm Their HeartsMaking Canadian Coffee with maple whipped cream

Stomping boots, dripping umbrellas and coats reluctantly peeling off — not a relaxing start to a little after-dinner happy hour at the house with the parents, but definitely an invigorating one. My priority: warm up their insides while the furnace starts clanking.

If we weren’t so full, I’d heat spiced cider in the teapot and then spike each steamy cup with the leftover Applejack or rum. But G is already grinding the French roast and I know what he has in mind.

Heavy cream, maple syrup, and just an ounce of a secret ingredient we won’t mention till the cups are emptied… it’s sure to add a little spark to the night.

Holidays Drinks for Your Nice List

Tokyo Fog (like a mudslide, mmm)Kentucky Cobbler(uses that apple cider I mentioned)Stinger (if you love peppermint candy)

Kir Royale (for sparkling drink lovers)

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Canadian Coffee Recipe
1 oz. Canadian Whiskey
1/2 oz. Grade A maple syrup
Fresh brewed coffee
Maple-infused whipped cream*In an Irish coffee glass Combine maple syrup, whiskey and hot coffee. Stir to mix and top with a dollop of maple-infused whipped cream.

* For maple-infused whipped cream combine 1/2 cup of heavy whipping cream with 1 tbs. maple syrup and whip until fluffy.


CAUTION: Do you need caution at this point? You’re home, you’re probably in your socks. Conversation has gotten silly. And maybe the parents have gone to bed. Or maybe they’re the ones who want to party all night long, now that you’ve juiced them up with the caffeine and whiskey. Just know this: everyone will remember what you said that you didn’t mean to say quite like it was said — or heard. So maybe you should make it decaf and call it a night.

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