Homemade Aromatic Bitters

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Homemade Bitters, Triple Sec, Pickled Onions copyright 2009 Gary Allard
Come, Dasher

My sister's baking a chocolate cake for tonight's dessert. I'm baking apple and pear crisps. Mom's brining (yes, that's spelled right!) a ham. The combination of foods will probably be divine, but it may also cause a well-worth-it tummy ache. Thank goodness for bitters. A dash or three of this herb-infused alcohol in your drink should aid in digestion. Not to mention create a well-balanced cocktail.

And we just happened to make some.

Cocktail Recipes with Aromatic Bitters

These mixed drink recipes a tasty with a few dashes of aromatic bitters.

These drinks are delicious with homemade Cherry Vanilla Bitters (yes, we made that too!)

Do you have a delicious mixed drink recipe that doubles as a tummy tamer? Tell us about it below on Facebook or Tweet it to us.

Learn more about the different kinds of bitters. Order the orange bitters collection from Amazon.

Homemade Aromatic Bitters Recipe

1 bottle 100+ proof grain alcohol, we used Everclear
zest of 1 lemon (the yellow part, use an apple peeler)
40 drops gentian (flower) extract (we found it at Henry's in the health supplements section for $16)
1 teaspoon whole black peppercorns
1 cinnamon stick
2 cubes fresh ginger, peeled, each about the size of Gobstopper
4 whole allspice berries (bulk section of Henry's market)
4 whole cloves
1/2 teaspoon dried orange peel (optional)

Combine ingredients in a glass jar with a lid — don't use plastic! Place in a dark place at room temperature and shake every other day for 14 days. On day 14, strain using a coffee filter into a glass container. We used these eyedropper 4 oz bottles. Store in a dark, cool place indefinitely. Fills about 5 bottles.

Recipe adapted from Chow.com — thanks Chow!

For holiday gifts this year, we also made small batches of triple sec, Cherry Vanilla Bitters (great for whiskey drinks!), Irish cream, and pickled onions.

CAUTION: Yes, use caution with alcoholic beverages. You'll live longer and with fewer regrets.

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