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Christmas Tree Beer © 2009 Gary AllardCalifornia Dreamin' . . . of a White Christmas

My trip to the northeast has been planned for months, and I'm really looking forward to trading in palm trees and sandy beaches for a little snow and some mistletoe.

But in the meantime, feeling festive is a tough task. Sunny and 70 degrees does not the Christmas spirit kindle.

Thank goodness the local pubs have packed their taps with holiday ales to help us all get in the jingle bell mood.

I've found three great holiday beers on tap. My favorite so far: Scaldis Noel.

Scaldis Noel, a Belgian strong ale, is
a sweet beer with lots of winter spices and a touch of warm hops. It
definitely had me dreaming of a white Christmas.

The Scaldis Noel Ale Details

Dubuisson (Pipaix, Belgium)
Belgian Strong Ale
ABV: 12%
Cost: ~$7/pint on tap
The Beer Extras

Santa’s Little Helper
from Port Brewing/Lost Abbey is another great holiday ale I found on
tap recently. This imperial stout boasts chocolate, barley, tons of
varied hops, and some brown and Belgian sugars to boot. Delicious.

And most recently, Corsendonk’s Christmas Ale.
This classic Christmas brew is super smooth going down, with all the
usual winter features of malts, spices, and citrus — but also a touch
of smoke.

Too bad Christmas only comes once a year . . .

Want to try this beer? It has good U.S. distribution. Check your local specialty bottle shop.

Erin Malone
is a Thursday Happy Hour contributing editor, providing the
what's-up of beer all over on Fridays. What’s your favorite Christmas beer? Let me know in the comments below.
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