The Champliny

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THH_Champliny Cocktail Photo Copyright Gary Allard 2009Beer and Champagne? Yes We Can!

Who can ring in the New Year without Champagne? Not this beer lover. So I was really excited to learn of a local pub’s signature New Year’s cocktail – the Champliny.

It’s part champagne, part Pliny the Elder double IPA (from Russian River). In a land known for super hoppy beers, it’s the perfect southern California compromise for beer snobs and Champagne lovers alike.

A little fruity, a little bubbly, a little hoppy — the tastes blend surprisingly well, with neither really dominating. It is an extra bubbly, fruity beer? Or a hopped up glass of champagne?

Make one yourself and you be the judge.

The Champliny Recipe

2 ½ oz. Roederer Estate Brut
3 oz. Pliny the Elder double IPA

Pour the beer into a wine glass with a broad bowl. Top off with the champagne (poor slowly) and voila!

Day After New Year's

Want to try this cocktail? O’Brien’s pub in San Diego invented the drink. If you live in southern California, you must visit — not just for the Champliny, but for the excellent beer selection. See their tap list here.

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