Mark West Pinot Noir 2007

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Date Night InMark West Pinot Noir © Gary Allard - All Rights Reserved

I've reinstated Friday fondue nights. This tradition began when my older two daughters were still in diapers. And I'm not sure why it ever ended.

Here's how it goes:

My husband and I feed the kids a simple dinner—mac-n-cheese or chicken nuggets from the freezer—and later, after they're fast asleep, light a few candles and cozy up to a savory treat: Cheese fondue with plenty of baguette, cubed salami, and roasted vegetables.

And, of course, the perfect bottle of wine to go with it—this time a 2007 Mark West Pinot Noir.

The cherry notes in this fruity, easy-to-drink wine play up the subtle
flavor of kirsch—cherry brandy—in traditional fondue. 

Red Wine Info

Bottle    Mark West
Grape    Pinot Noir
Year       2007
Region  California
Price     ~$11.00
Shop     K&L Wine Merchants
Food Pairing 
Roasted chicken, pork loin, mushrooms, salmon, cheese fondue with smoked meats

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Love pinot noir and beer? Try this beer aged in pinot barrels.

And this beer also has cherry notes.

Make your own fondue
from scratch with Swiss cheeses like Gruyére and Emmantal or go easy on
yourself and pick up a delicious pre-made version, like the one I got
from Trader Joes.

Either way, indulging with a rich cheese fondue and pinot noir is a well-deserved reward for a week well done. Shhh, just don't wake the kids.

Diane Timba
is a contributing writer at Thursday Happy Hour. Check out her
lifestyle wine column here on Wednesdays. What wine do you drink for a date night in?
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