Rosemount Shiraz 2007

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Red Wine and BBQ grill © Gary Allard All Rights Reserved

Winter Barbecue

One sip of an intense and fruity Rosemount Shiraz, and the craving hit me: baby back ribs, creamy coleslaw, and cornbread muffins.

I couldn't convince anyone to clear the snow from the outdoor barbecue, let alone cook outside. But I wasn't about to wait for July. Anyway, this shiraz might seem a little heavy in the heat of summer.

But in the winter, the cozy, fruity and rich Australian red holds up superbly to the dry-rubbed and barbecue-sauce-basted, oven-broiled racks.

As I licked my sauce-stained fingers, I imagined warm evenings outdoors by the barbecue: Only a few
more months to go.

Red Wine Info

Bottle    Rosemount Diamond Label
Grape    Shiraz
Year       2007
Region  Australia
Price     ~$9.00
Shop     Snooth
Food Pairing 
Aged cheeses, mushrooms, grilled steak, barbecued baby back ribs

Do You Shiraz or Syrah?

What's the difference? They're actually the same dark-skinned variety of grape, grown and bottled in different places. Shiraz is typically from Australia, South Africa, and Canada. Syrah grapes are from many other places, including France, Argentina, and the U.S.

Petite sirah (with an i) on the other hand, is from a different grape, called durif.

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