2007 Rudolf Müller Eiswein (Ice Wine)

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Drip, Drip, Drip Icicles melting from a rooftop

Though we still have massive amounts of snow on the ground in the midwest, the steady trickle off the roof means one thing: The thaw is here. And it couldn’t come any sooner.

I am more than ready to toast the beginning of the end of this icy season by opening a bottle of Rudolf Müller Eiswein with my sweetie.

I made some
simple crostini with toasted baguette topped with blue cheese and
drizzled with honey to counterbalance the sweet and intense flavor of the eiswein.

Hooray, spring is on its way! We’ve made it (almost) through another
Minnesota winter.

White Wine InfoBottle

Rudolf Müller Eiswein
Grape    Riesling
Year       2007
Region  Germany
Price     ~$17.00
Shop     Napa Cabs
Food Pairing 
Blue cheese, fruit-based desserts

What Is Eiswein? 

Eiswein (pronounce ice-wine) is a German wine made by pressing frozen grapes that have been left on the vine long after the harvest–as late as February.The result is a super sweet, highly concentrated and acidic wine, perfect for serving with cheese, fruity desserts, or on its own as a dessert drink.


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