Tait the Ball Buster 2008

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Love (of Wine) Will Keep Us TogetherMicrophone onstage for Karaoke

It was a dichotomous night with friends: Wine and dinner at an upscale restaurant followed by karaoke at an unpretentious bowling alley bar. A fitting way to celebrate the 40th birthday of my multifaceted (and talented!) friend, Cyndi.

Another multifaceted feature of the evening: Our wine selection. Tait the Ball Buster (who could possibly resist a wine with a name like that?) is a complex Shiraz blend from Australia, rich with fruit and berries, mildly spicy and a hint of sweetness, and was well suited to our wide variety of entrees. It went with everything from my prime rib, to pasta, roast chicken, and grilled sausage—a fantastic bottle to share over dinner. We liked it so much, in fact, we ordered a second one.

Red Wine Info

Bottle     Tait the Ballbuster
Grape    76% Shiraz, 12% Cabernet Sauvignon, 12% Merlot
Year       2008
Region  Barossa Valley, Australia
Price     ~$20.00
Shop     Wine.com
Food Pairing 
prime rib, roast chicken, mushrooms, pasta, tuna, grilled sausage

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As the evening unfolded and our venues changed, so did our beverage selection. Sadly, the plastic cups at the bowling alley were more suited to a rum-and-coke than a versatile Shiraz blend, but we went with the flow. Cheering on Cyndi’s fabulous rendition of Captain & Tenille’s “Love Will Keep Us Together”—and the rest of our not-as-fabulous but spirited song selections—we celebrated late into the night.

Happy birthday, Cyndi!

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