2007 Bell'agio Chianti

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Guest arriving with a bottle of chianti and a baguetteMobsters and Tarts

I bought this bottle of Chianti as a joke. We’d been invited to a old-school Italian dinner party—a la The Godfather movies—and were asked to dress the part. The guys wore over-sized shiny suits with penciled-on facial hair and the ladies wore big hair, lots of make-up, and tons of jewelry.

The classic Tuscan wine in a wicker basket seemed like the perfect kitschy touch. The big surprise? We actually enjoyed it.

Red Wine Info

Bottle    Bell’agio Chianti

Grape    Sangiovese

Year       2007

Region  Tuscany

Price     ~$12.00

Shop     France 44

Food Pairing  Pizza, pasta, tomato-sauces, liver and fava beans

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The wine bottles encased in straw hearken back to the days when Chianti bottles were globes of hand-blown glass, and the baskets were meant to protect them. But I tend to associate them with inexpensive Italian restaurants adorned with checkered tablecloths and wicker bottles serving as candleholders.

This kitschy Chianti, however, surprised us with its drinkability. Medium-bodied, with a bit of acid and taste of cherries, it paired nicely with our classic Italian dinner of chicken Florentine, spaghetti and meatballs, salad, and bread.

As the wine flowed freely, I thought of Vito Corleone’s line from The Godfather: “I like to drink wine more than I used to.” So true. And, whew, Mobster and Tart night was no exception.

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