Little Black Dress Pinot Grigio

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I’m No SuckerBottle of Little Black Dress Pinot Grigio with glass

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, a few of us ladies gathered for a gourmet food shopping party. I’m usually not an big fan of these home sales parties, but nonetheless, it seemed like a good excuse to get together with friends over wine. Besides, I wasn’t obligated to buy a thing.

Outside, the grass was just beginning to green up, and I was in the mood for something refreshing. I usually try not to be a sucker for labels. So when I was offered a glass of
this Pinot Grigio with a cute name and little hanger on the front of
the bottle—blatantly marketed toward the female wine shopper—I was
prepared to hate it.

But I didn’t.

White Wine Info

Bottle    Little Black Dress

Grape    84% Pinot Grigio; 11% Chardonnay; 4% Viognier

Year       2007

Region  California

Price     ~$12.00

Shop     Fine Wine House

Food Pairing  Appetizers, chicken, fish, salad, vegetables

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It tasted like spring, a little grassy, even. With flavors of oranges and lemons, this wine is fruity without being too sweet. It’s actually a little bit tart. During the obligatory sales pitch where we sampled a variety of dips, marinades, and seasonings, I snuck back into the kitchen for a second glass.

Walking home with my lengthy sales receipt in hand, it suddenly became clear why they serve wine at these things.

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1 Comment

  1. The Gourmez
    April 7, 2011

    I agree completely on the grassiness of this wine. The fruit I picked up was more green apple than citrus–wish it had more citrus, actually! I’ve quoted you on my blog on it.


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