Callaway 2008 Winemaker's Reserve Old Vine Zinfandel

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Remember and ReplayWine Tasting at Callaway Winery, Temecula, CA.

In between the San Jacinto Mountains and San Diego is Temecula, San Diego County’s own wine country, and the perfect road trip break for a Callaway wine tasting. G was driving, so my mom and I enjoyed flights of self-selected whites and roses and reds while gazing over the vineyard. G tasted the ones we swooned over. Then in a splurge of indulgence (and maybe giddiness), we bought a few bottles.

The zinfandel, though pricey for us at $38 a bottle, was a stand-out, and we just couldn’t resist a favorite to save for next year, to open on Mom’s one-year retirement anniversary.

On arriving home, Mom popped the trunk and the zinfandel leapt out and crashed onto the driveway.

I’m sure licking the pavement crossed all of our minds. That is, before we came to our senses and started planning our next Temecula wine tasting.

More Callaway Wine Stand-Outs

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Temecula Wine Tasting Ideas

Take a limo. We’ve used Top Cat twice and enjoyed their service.Tour several wineries. Here’s a list of Temecula wineries.

Split a flight with a friend. Callaway’s flights of 6 tastings cost $10-12 and include a glass.

Stay for lunch. Try Callaway’s Meritage and sit outside.

Designate a driver. And continue on to Palm Springs or Idyllwild for an over-nighter in the desert or mountains.

CAUTION: This story is a cautionary tale in and of itself, no?

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