Ballast Point Old Grove Martini

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Less Is MoreDrink recipes. Photos © Gary Allard

Mixing cocktails is arguably an indoor sport, but when the party is on the patio, the last place I want to be is the kitchen. That’s when I simplify.

Made outdoors or in, these five drinks are the backbone of summer cocktails. And they have four (or fewer) common ingredients.

Simple, elegant, and guaranteed to refresh, the raw ingredients include lemons, limes, simple syrup, and soda water. That’s it. With those ingredients plus a good quality spirit, you can rock the bar.

Gin is a favorite for me, but vodka, rum, Canadian whiskey, or even tequila will make all these recipes sing.

Your Favorite Spirit Five Ways

Ballast Point Martini © Gary AllardThe Rickey: Spirit of choice + fresh lime juice + soda water.

The Fizz: Spirit of choice + fresh lemon juice + simple syrup + soda water.

The Collins: Spirit of choice + lemon juice + lime juice + simple syrup + soda water.

The Dry Martini: Gin or vodka shaken with lots of ice, twist of lemon or olive garnish. Try it with tequila, rum, whatever, just don’t call that version a martini.

The Gimlet: Gin or vodka + fresh lime juice + simple syrup, shaken over ice, served up. Equally good with rum, not bad with tequila. Substitute the lime for lemon, serve on the rocks and you have a Sour.


The InspirationWe like gin around here. We may be in the slight minority on that. Most of our guests lean toward vodka drinks but that doesn’t stop me from trying to sneak in the gin when I can. When they don’t protest, it feelslike I pulled off a prank. Some of our favorite unexpected gin drinks:

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The Ballast Pt. Old Grove Martini

  • 3 oz. Ballast Pt. Old Grove Gin
  • Lemon twist

Pour gin into shaker full of cracked ice, shake well, serve in a chilled cocktail glass. Garnish with a twist.

Ballast Point Brewery in San Diego has released its first official spirit: Old Grove Gin. San Diego gin? Why, yes. In fact, a very good San Diego gin. My intent was to taste it and come up with some crazy new gin concoction but it’s just too good on its own to
drown out with other flavors.

CAUTION: Don’t try all 5 cocktails in one sitting. Then again, if there are 5 of you, and you pass them around, that could be ok.

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