San Diego Int'l Beer Festival

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It’s not news that San Diego has become a would-class beer town. Odd, perhaps, given that just ten years ago you’d be hard pressed to find any craft beers – let alone local – on tap. But now it’s ubiquitous in this city. Expected, even.

Along with that trend there’s been a spike in the number of local beer festivals, tastings and cask nights. I won’t say that’s a bad thing but it’s hard to keep track of them all. So, when one lands on our radar with plenty of lead time and a discounted pre-sale, we’re on it (see link at bottom for discount info). It doesn’t hurt that it takes place inside the San Diego County Fair. Guaranteed good times.

And, if you’re not already following my Hopped Up San Diego project, have a look. I’ve been photographing local craft beer revolutionaries and posting up a little history about San Diego’s rise to beer fame. Drop by and let me know about your favorite local revolutionary.
Beer Fest Pre-Sale Flyer

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