Shelly Bowen, Content Director, Co-FounderSB_sep_100X100

Shelly has a passion for words. And a classic story. She believes every company has a unique story to tell, and she loves to help businesses show off their stuff online. Thursday Happy Hour is her super fun side project, where she tests content, marketing, and social media ideas. Find out about Shelly’s web content company at Or connect with her directly on Twitter @shelbow.

Gary Allard, Photographer, Co-FounderGTA

Gary has a passion for images. And classic cocktails. Formerly a graphic designer in the fashion industry, Gary Allard now makes his living as a commercial photographer based in California. For Gary, Thursday Happy Hour is the ultimate combination and expression of work and pleasure. You can check out his latest work at Or connect with him on Twitter @gee_allard.

Former Contributors


Diane Timba, Contributing Editor

Here’s what Diane knows: Loves drinking wine; Enjoyed the movie “Sideways”; Can peel a grape in 10 seconds flat; Grew up 15 minutes from wine country. Wine expert? God, no. Willing to learn? Absolutely. Diane is a long-time writer and editor; she’s edited everything from books for international publishing companies to the school e-newsletter for her girls. Connect with Diane on Twitter @dtimba.


Erin Malone, Contributing Editor

Erin likes beer. Not the stuff she drank at state college in Western New York. Good beer. The kind she discovered when she moved to southern California and had her first tastes of craft brews. Since then, she’s visited breweries across the country and around the globe in search of fine ales and lagers. And she’s an online editor by trade. Connect with Erin on Twitter @erin_malone.

Carol Valdez, Guest Contributor

What do words and cocktails have in common? “The perfect one is always out there,” says Carol. She’s constantly searching for just the right one of each for the occasion at hand. Her advice, “Don’t rush your choices or be tempted by the easy route.” She’s been helping companies choose their online words for nearly 2 decades. And now, she’s helping her two little ones “use their words.”

Connect with any of us @thurshappyhour.