The Snowshoe Cocktail

The Snowshoe Cocktail

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When the day is done, legs rubbery from countless runs, faces pink from icy wind we look to the bar for something potent, simple and refreshing. The Snowshoe is that drink.

Homemade Aromatic Bitters

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The combination of foods tonight will probably be divine, but it may also cause a well-worth-it tummy ache. Thank goodness for bitters. A dash or three of this herbally infused alcohol in your drink should aid in digestion. Not to mention create a well-balanced cocktail.

Kir Royale

For our pre-turkey cocktail, we’re ditching the planned Cranberry Mojito recipe — a test mix came out face-scrunching sour. Instead, we’ll be pouring sparkling Kir Royales worthy of the celebration. The Cava is chilling, the table is set. Happy Thanksgiving!

Head Cleaner

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With colds, the flu, and even pneumonia flying around town, our pals are lying low this week. We got away easy with a little head stuffiness. To breathe easier, we tried a variety of home remedies, from hot Earl Grey tea with honey to steaming Vietnamese soup Pho to this delicious, bright cocktail made with ginger wine.

Corpse Reviver #2

Corpse Reviver #2

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Remember The Suicide: the beverage we made as kids at 7-Eleven when we first could mix our own sodas? That’s what I thought of when Phil suggested a Corpse Reviver #2 cocktail for a Halloween happy hour drink.

Kentucky Cobbler Cocktail

Kentucky Cobbler Cocktail

Spiced apple cider is the secret ingredient of the week. G slid a butternut squash in the oven to roast for soup and then began experimenting with different spirits, triple sec, and apple cider. I don’t usually care for bourbon, but truly, I had to overlook that. This cocktail tastes like cobbler in a glass.

Triple Sec

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Good triple sec — that orange liqueur we douse so many of our drinks with — can be expensive. Spending an evening or two in the kitchen playing chemist together to make homemade triple sec sounded like brilliant fun. Here’s what happened.

Bourbon Belle (Straight Up)

Bourbon Belle (Straight Up)

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It’s naked weather. Not that we’re naked, but could be, comfortably, if we were so inclined. Eyes are burning and muscles feel heavy. Liquid. We sit outside. G mixes up a batch of Bourbon Belles, from Imbibe Magazine, hoping I’ll like them, and I do.

Buffalo’s Milk Cocktail

We sailed across the Pacific, winds at 30 knots, two kids securely wrapped in life jackets and their mothers’ arms. Angled and windblown, the journey was pure anticipation — for the island, for dolphins and whales, and for Buffalo’s Milk.


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In the 20 minutes that were at the playground, I managed to suffer 3 shocks of butt-zapping voltage: 1 slide + cotton skirt (yeah, bad choice for the playground, I know) + friction + zero humidity = electricity. My fillings are still tingling. So, what better way to quell it than with a cocktail. After all, nap time isn’t just for kids. Was craving something mouth-watering and VERY cold. Went with an Americano.