Hibiscus Potion

Hibiscus Potion

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Lately, I wish I could be in two places at once. A wild Luau with new friends or a 35th birthday for a long-time friend? Hibiscus, that bright often-red tropical flower, seems like a magical solution.

Cucumber Sweet Tea

Cucumber Sweet Tea

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The last time I was in Austin, I drank a ton of iced tea. To bring me a little closer to the South by Southwest festivities, I’ve invited some friends over to play on the guitar, giggle over the #sxsw Twitter stream, and sip a new tea drink: we call it Cucumber Sweet Tea. And it’s simply addictive.

Better Than Cosmos

Better Than Cosmos

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We’ve left the men and children behind for our first winter escape to a desert hot springs spa. Just the four of us. That is, except for the wee one still in the oven. But he didn’t stop us from making Better Than Cosmos poolside.

Pear Flower Cocktail

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When the huge bay doors of the Midway began to roll up, it just happened to be happy hour. And we just happened to be walking distance to The Fish Market, where the boys drank Ballast Point ales and slurped oysters, and I discovered a luscious Pear Flower martini.


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Juicing a pile of oranges and making orange peel twists for cocktails is like winter therapy; the orange oils from the peels spritz the kitchen. The resulting Bronx cocktail is just a bonus to the mood.

Slightly Dirty Martini

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On the phone: “My 5 year old is writing sentences, and his homework is to trace the letter A.” She was livid. “Education is now about staying in line, not discovery and challenge.” Pause. “Tell me how to make a Slightly Dirty Martini.”

Head Cleaner

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With colds, the flu, and even pneumonia flying around town, our pals are lying low this week. We got away easy with a little head stuffiness. To breathe easier, we tried a variety of home remedies, from hot Earl Grey tea with honey to steaming Vietnamese soup Pho to this delicious, bright cocktail made with ginger wine.

Corpse Reviver #2

Corpse Reviver #2

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Remember The Suicide: the beverage we made as kids at 7-Eleven when we first could mix our own sodas? That’s what I thought of when Phil suggested a Corpse Reviver #2 cocktail for a Halloween happy hour drink.

Moscow Mule

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Starlite offers up inspiration by the glass. They make their own bitters (we must try that), and brandied cherries, and often mix their vodkas with things like cucumber and black pepper syrup. One of my favorites is their take on the Moscow Mule, called a Starlite Mule, served in a chilly copper cup.

Triple Sec

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Good triple sec — that orange liqueur we douse so many of our drinks with — can be expensive. Spending an evening or two in the kitchen playing chemist together to make homemade triple sec sounded like brilliant fun. Here’s what happened.