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Tequila’s Mysterious Friend Everyone knows that tequila and lime are old drinking buddies. Whether in a margarita or just paired neatly next to each other, they have a long history. But tequila has a complex and often misunderstood partner that you probably haven’t met, known as Sangrita. She is the sober and sophisticated one at ...



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As summer marches on and the heat index begins to ratchet up, we look for tasty ways to cool down. That’s where a good Agua Fresca comes in. These Mexican soft drinks are ubiquitous in our favorite taquìeras around town. I’m a fan of jamaica (sweet hibiscus tea) but yesterday I was feeling like a ...

Infused Syrups

Infused Syrups

Sugar and Spice With our garden reaching the end of the season we’ve been enjoying all the spoils of a long hot summer. The basil plants are bigger than ever, the hot peppers are fueling our fierce salsa habit, the thyme, oregano and sage keep our summer barbecues full of flavor. Inspired by the these ...

Better Than Cosmos

Better Than Cosmos

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We’ve left the men and children behind for our first winter escape to a desert hot springs spa. Just the four of us. That is, except for the wee one still in the oven. But he didn’t stop us from making Better Than Cosmos poolside.

Raspberry Buzz

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Last week, we had some very special guests staying with us: our just-turned-five nephew, Drew, and his family. For his birthday (and happy hour), Drew requested raspberries. Not being raspberry season, we did our best, for the grown-ups and for the kids.

White Wine Sangria & Honey Moon 2005 Viognier

White Wine Sangria & Honey Moon 2005 Viognier

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I like my sangria drinks citrusy and sweet, but with a little kick. I chose the 2005 Honey Moon Viognier at Trader Joe’s after watching a woman stockpile dozens of bottles of the stuff in her cart. Viognier has a nice balance of sweetness and acidity, plus the peach and floral notes in the wine complement the added fruit in the sangria. A good summer white wine. Here’s my white sangria recipe.

Your Hosts Have Gone AWOL

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Tonight, we’re thinking of ways to enjoy a good happy hour on the beach. So we’re at the beach. Thinking. And thinking hard. Because in San Diego, it’s now against the law to drink alcohol on public beaches. No matter how civilized the drinker. Where are we? How well do you know San Diego? It’s time to guess …

Cucumber Zen

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Backyard Pond Sample or Tasty New Cocktail?   G is dreaming of slicing down snowy slopes, and I’m already dreaming of barefoot time … fresh-cut grass, warm rocks, trickling water fountains … and my favorite sorbet, Cucumber Jalapeno. Instead of sorbet, we recreated it this Thursday as a cool green, velvety cocktail. We brought the ...

White Whiskers

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Happy Birthday, Diane!In honor of our very special friend's birthday today, we asked Rufus the Tabby Cat to give a toast. He paced as he rehearsed, tossing out words like "esteemed," "gorgeous," and "memories." Unfortunately, every time I turned on the camera to capture the moment, all he could do was complain to the bartender. ...

Muddy Mint Slide

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Naughty or Nice?We have a couple friends who get off work late on Thursday nights. Another couple likes to come over after the little one goes to sleep and the sitter is safely planted on the couch. In both cases, they have dinner beforehand, and often arrive at our place with a craving for a ...