What's Your Favorite Food and Wine Pairing?

What's Your Favorite Food and Wine Pairing?

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The descriptions of wines were original and distinct. But the selection of small plates and wine pairings really did us in. Every sip, every taste, every pairing was such a rich experience at this new wine bar in San Diego, CA. We want to recreate it at home.

Bonterra Chardonnay 2007

Bonterra Chardonnay 2007

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Inspired after trying to pronounce the ingredients on my store-bought loaf of 100% whole-wheat “bread,” I transformed into my alter-ego, Betty Homemaker, and set out to make the perfect loaf of homemade bread. And eat it with a perfect glass of chardonnay.

How to Make Irish Cream

What are you doing on St. Patrick’s Day? We’re making homemade Irish Cream…

2007 Rudolf Müller Eiswein (Ice Wine)

2007 Rudolf Müller Eiswein (Ice Wine)

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The thaw is here. And it couldn’t come any sooner. I am more than ready to toast the beginning of the end of this icy season by opening a bottle of Rudolf Müller Eiswein and munching on crostini with my sweetie.

Better Than Cosmos

Better Than Cosmos

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We’ve left the men and children behind for our first winter escape to a desert hot springs spa. Just the four of us. That is, except for the wee one still in the oven. But he didn’t stop us from making Better Than Cosmos poolside.

Conquista Torrontés 2008 and Guacamole

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Social connections are the key to survival in the Minnesota tundra. A glass of crisp Torrontés, an affordable white wine from Argentina, and some fresh, yummy guacamole doesn’t hurt, either.

The Champliny

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I was really excited to learn of a local pub’s signature New Year’s cocktail – the Champliny. It’s part champagne, part Pliny the Elder double IPA (from Russian River). In a land known for super hoppy beers, it’s the perfect southern California compromise for beer snobs and Champagne lovers alike.

Champagne Cocktail

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We roll over to an old school hotel bar. Sinking into a dark, pleather-lined booth, we take it all in and order Champagne Cocktails, a new New Year cocktail favorite!

Electra California Orange Muscat Wine 2007

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After the holidays, my house was in desperate need of an overhaul. But after hours of scrubbing, sweeping, mopping and dusting, I was in desperate need of some relaxation. Thank goodness for Sally, who had given me a bottle of California Orange Muscat wine and a 70% cocoa dark chocolate bar.

Scaldis Noel

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I’m really looking forward to trading in palm trees and sandy beaches for a little snow and some mistletoe. Feeling festive is a tough task in California. Thank goodness the local pubs have packed their taps with holiday ales such as Scaldis Noel, Santa’s Little Helper, and Corsendonk’s Christmas Ale.